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1 in 3 Reg Check Show A Hidden History

1 in 4 Car Check Show Oustanding Finance

1 in 5 Reg Check are uncovered as Insurance Write-Offs

What can your vehicle check show?

Below are all the items that can show in your car registration check.*

MOT History

MOT History



Plate Changes

Plate Changes

Clone Check

Clone Check

Clone Check

Vin/Chasis Check

Clone Check


Clone Check

Safety Recall Check

Clone Check

Mileage History

Clone Check

Previous Owners

Clone Check

Insurance Theft

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How to complete a vehicle check

Below are the three simple steps to help you complete your car check

Step 1

To identify the vehicle, enter the registration number into our reg checker.

Step 2

Get your results instantly, and reveal the true information and history of the vehicle.

Step 3

Gather more vehicle information, by upgrading your check and entering the chassis number (VIN)

Where we source our vehicle check information

All the information we obtain for every car check comes from reliable and reputable sources, these include but are not limited to



Finance Companies Icon

Finance Companies



Police Records

Police Records

MOT Icon


Leasing Companies

Leasing Companies

Car Manufacturers

Car Manufacturers





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FAQ's Of Our Instant Reg Checker

How can I check who owns a car?

In order to know who owns a vehicle, you will need to obtain the V5 certificate. This will show you the previous owner of the vehicle. Our car history check will show the number of previous owners a vehicle has, but we are not able to provide the most recent owners details. If you have any concerns about the V5 certificate, we recommend getting in touch with the DVLA.

How can I check a car is accident free?

Our Gold car check will help you to find out whether or not your vehicle has been involved in an accident. We display clearly the type of category your vehicle write off has i.e Category S - Structural Damage. To find out if your vehicle is accident free, simply enter your registration number into the box above and purchase either our Gold car check, you'll receive your vehicle information immediately.

How can I check if a car is stolen?

It can be difficult to know whether the vehicle you are looking to purchase has been reported as stolen. That's why we created our car history check service, to help you quickly enter the vehicle registration number and find out whether a vehicle has been stolen. Performing a car check is quick and easy, simply enter your number plate in the box above and you'll quickly find out a vehicle's full vehicle history. This include plate changes, vehicle registration details, MOT and more!

Do you Check Road Tax & MOT?

Yes we certainly do! We gather our data from the DVLA which means you can rest assured that the road tax and MOT data we supply you is 100% accurate. We also provide the vehicle information of past MOT's and mileage on certain tier vehicle checks. Checking an MOT can be important as it can help uncover any hidden history that a seller may be hiding.

Why Choose Instant Reg Check?

If you're looking to find vehicle history, then our car history check is definitely what you need. Whether you're buying a new or used car it is also important that you get an instant car check to uncover any hidden history a car may be hiding. Such as a failed MOT, outstanding finance or even if the car has been stolen or written off. We get our data from a number of sources including the DVLA, which helps to ensure that our number plate check is as accurate as it can be.

Our main purpose is to help our customers buy a new or used car with confidence. Helping to uncover any hidden history a car may have and giving MOT & Road Tax data helps to ensure your potential new vehicle is up to date with the latest DVLA guidelines. A car check from us will also give you the performance data of the vehicle you are thinking of purchasing.

Why Instant Reg Check Is Good For Sellers

If you're looking to sell your vehicle and are struggling to get an idea of price, our car registration check provides a car valuation so you can make sure that you sell your car for the perfect price. Our car valuation service is part of our Gold & Basic number plate check, so why not take a look and see for yourself! Entering the vehicle registration in our system will help you to provide proof to buyers that your vehicle does not have a hidden history. It can also be helpful to show your V5 certificate from the vehicle licensing agency as this will also help aid your instant car check results.

Why Instant Reg Check Is Good For Buyers

As a buyer, it is important to know that the vehicle you are looking to purchase doesn't have a hidden history. Performing a reg check will help you buy with confidence and help show anything nasty that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.