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1. Do I need a Car History Check?

You are not required to check any history of a car before purchase, however, when buying a used vehicle, we would always recommend this. This would provide you with the information the seller may not want you to know, and remember most vehicle dealerships complete one when offering part exchange on a car. Have a look at our Car History Check facts page, for more information on why you should complete a check, such as 1 in 6 Car Checks showed outstanding finance agreements.

2. How do I receive the results of the Car History check?

The report is shown on screen after completing your purchase. We will also email you confirmation of this containing your unique reference number and links to allow you to view your report at any later date/time. Your report is only shown electronically, we do provide physical copies. If you require this, you can print the report from our results page.

3. How long does it take to receive the results of Car History Check?

The report is shown immediately on screen after purchase. The confirmation email is dispatched within 5 minutes of completing the order, please do ensure you check any junk/spam folders for this email. You should save this email for future reference as you will require the reference number to update or view the results of the check.

4. What type of information is provided in the Car History Check?

Depending upon the level of check and optional extras you included on your purchase, our Car History Checks can provide you with the following information…

  • a. Vehicle Description, this will confirm the description registered with the DVLA, including make, model, colour, engine size, year or manufacture, date of first registration, number of previous keepers, date of last keeper change, and more.
  • b. Vehicle Title, this will identify if the vehicle has been subject to any of the following…
    • i. Outstanding Finance
    • ii. A current Police interest
    • iii. Registered as an insurance write off
    • iv. Subject to a VIC test

5. What information is NOT provided in the Car History Check?

  • a. Inline with regulations, the Car History check cannot provide any information relating to the vehicles previous or current owners.
  • b. The Check will not provide information on all or any accidents a vehicle has been in. We can only highlight accident damaged which has resulted in the insurance company registering the vehicle as a write-off.
  • c. We are unable to provide any details on the service history of a vehicle. We do not provide or assess the mechanical of the vehicle. If you require this, we advise you also conduct an independent inspection of the vehicle.
  • d. We cannot provide details if the vehicle has been stolen and recovered, unless there are any outstanding police interest or was subject to be written-off as a total loss by the insurer.

6. How do you gather the information for the Car History Check?

The information we provide in your Car History Check is gathered from a number of sources. These include the DVLA, the SMMT, Police, Association of British Insurers and a number of other companies including finance companies.

7. What should I do if the report highlights an Interest?

When our reports highlight an interest, it will provide further details to you. This will include the type of interest, and explain what this particular interest means.

8. What does ‘Not Recorded’ mean?

This indicates that your Car History Check found no information registered at that particular point of time. This could mean we have not being provided this information, or that there are no current interests recorded, such as an MOT on a car less than 3 years old.

9. Do you provide Car History Checks on non-UK registered vehicles?

No. We are only able to provide an in-depth report on vehicles registered with the DVLA and DVA.

10. Why did you start to offer Car History Checks?

After losing £1000’s when a seller didn’t disclose vital information about a vehicle, I thought there must be a way to let people find this information before making a similar purchase. The site started from here, and has grown to include more and more checks based on customer feedback and requests.

11. Do you offer Support?

Yes we offer online support via email at We aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours, however, in most cases we are much quicker!

12. What happens if I lost Internet connection before I view my report?

This can be dependent on what stage your order was at when losing your internet connection. If you have entered your card details, and not been shown your report, please wait a few minutes as we would email a confirmation to you if the payment was successful. If your email does not arrive, please contact our support team before placing a second order as we would not be able to provide a refund.

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