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At Instant Reg Check, we know that as a car dealer it is important for you to receive a cars full history before you purchase, helping to save yourself from a potentially huge loss. The vehicle you are potentially looking to add to your inventory may have been scrapped, written off or even have outstanding finance.

Using a Car Check from Instant Reg Check means that you will receive the most amount of information possible. Meaning that you can buy with confidence each and every time. So, why not signup now and receive up to 25% discount on our trade account checks.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

  • To be fair this site was easy to use and if you compare with other hpi company this was much better communication with the customer service. Had an issue with the chassis number, customer service resolved quickly. Green flag was a nightmare with the same issue they could not resolve even though they claimed to be better.

    Mr Sajul Islam
  • No problems. Cheap, easy and quick.

    Nick Fretwell
  • As it was advertised! Perfect!

    TopTop Car Sales
  • Used this check before placing a deposit on a car, was greatful that I did. This gold check I purchased as it showed it had been incurred major damage in a previous car accident.

    Stuart Amery
  • This had been a pleasure. The HPI check was Very Fast and ready to understand, say to find details. Or was the cheapest I could find but customer service was first class. I entered a number wrong and the chat with Harry online corrected it immediately. Gives every detail wanted plus have option to match the VIN. 5*

    Clifford Hall